Requesting a gambling suspension

Gambling suspensions may be requested from any casino in Switzerland in person or in writing.

A gambling suspension applies to all casinos in Switzerland and to all online gambling services that fall under the Swiss Gambling Act, and thus to all online gambling offered by Swisslos, La Loterie Romande and all Swiss casinos.

Send the completed application form and a copy of a valid identification document (ID, passport, driver’s license) to a Swiss casino of your choice. We recommend that you send your application to the casino in which you have done most of your gambling.
The application form is only valid with a signature.

Gambling suspensions for foreign casinos need to be requested separately.

If you wish to request a voluntary gambling suspension in person in the casino, you will only need valid identification. Ideally, you should ask to speak to the person responsible when you arrive at the casino. You will also be given information on the conditions for lifting the gambling suspension and the advice available from external addiction centers.

Application form for voluntary gambling suspension.
Please refer to the information in the factsheet.